Announcing the FREE prequel to the Seekers Series

Announcing the FREE prequel to the Seekers Series

Genesis by J. A. Webb, prequel to the Seekers Series asks the question: where can a person go to find truth?

If your existence depended upon learning the deepest secrets of the universe, where would you turn?

Father Curtis, Priest of the Order of the Eternal, longs only to enjoy life in his peaceful, out of the way corner of the world, ministering to his flock. But when he is falsely accused of heresy he must flee for his life, and in the process learns all he has once believed is a lie.

To survive, he must find the truth about himself, the Order, and Creation, in a world where seeking the truth is a capital offense.


This prequel kicks off the high-stakes tale and introduces the characters featured in the new Dystopian epic: The Seekers Series


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book cover for Genesis by author J. A. Webb, prequel to The Seekers Series, lonely figure walking away into darkness, overshadowed by the watching eye of global tyranny, evocative of a search for truth in a dark world


Seek The Truth!