Genesis by J. A. Webb, prequel to The Seekers Series: An epic fantasy adventure about a search for truth in a darkly tyrannical world

If your very existence relied on uncovering the most profound mysteries of the universe, where would you turn?

Father Curtis, Priest of the Order of the Eternal, seeks solace in the serenity of his secluded parish, sheltered from the oppressive regime’s grasp. But when he is unjustly branded a heretic, he is forced to embark on a harrowing journey for survival.

In the process, he discovers that the very foundation of his beliefs has been built upon falsehoods. Amidst the chaos of his escape, he is confronted with the stark realization that the world he once trusted is a labyrinth of deception, orchestrated by the tyrannical forces of the Order.

His own fate and the fate of humanity hang in the balance as he battles to find the truth about himself, the Order, and Creation, in a world where seeking the truth is a capital offense.


This prequel kicks off the high-stakes tale and introduces the characters featured in the new Dystopian epic: The Seekers Series


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book cover for Genesis by author J. A. Webb, prequel to The Seekers Series, lonely figure walking away into darkness, overshadowed by the watching eye of global tyranny, evocative of a search for truth in a dark world


Seek The Truth!